Frequently Asked Questions for Lab Testing

Q.  How can I order my lab test?
A.  Click the buy now button on the website or call (800) 208-9881 to order your tests. You can also visit a Natural Bio Health clinic and receive a FREE CONSULTATION and your lab slip.

Q.  Where do I go to get my blood drawn?
A.  Clinical Pathology Laboratory (CPL) in Texas only. CPL performs all of our blood draws in the State of Texas. We do not currently offer lab tests in other states. Check out the Clinical Pathology Laboratories website to locate a lab near you or we will send you a list of labs.

Q.  What laboratory will analyze my blood tests?
A.  Clinical Pathology Laboratory (CPL) provides our laboratory services. Qualified medical staff at Natural Bio Health will read your lab reports and an informational report will be provided to you along with your actual results.

Q.  What if I want to have an in person consultation with a physician to go over my lab report and make recommendations?
A.   We recommend that you make an appointment with any physician of your choice or you can call Natural Bio Health and make an appointment to visit with a Natural Bio Health physician. The consultation fee at Natural Bio Health will include a complete analysis of your lab report, a comprehensive body composition analysis, blood pressure reading and heart, lung and thyroid assessment and recommended program. The charge for this visit is $175.00.

If you elect to join the Natural Bio Health Hormone Program, your consultation fee will be credited 100% towards your program fee.

Q.  What if I just want a phone consultation with a Natural Bio Health physician?
A.  You can call Natural Bio Health to set up a phone consultation. The Fee is $75.00 for this consultation. It will consist of a one-on-one conversation with a Natural Bio Health physician who will go over your lab test in detail and make a recommendation as to future action.

Q.  Can I order a Natural Bio Health blood tests if I live outside the State of Texas?
A.  No.
At this time, we only offer blood tests to people residing in the state of Texas through CPL. However, stay tuned, as we will soon be offering lab tests in other states.

Q.  Who orders the blood tests for me?
A.  Physicians at Natural Bio Health will order your tests but will not diagnose or treat you unless you schedule a consultation with one of our physicians or other qualified medical staff.

Q.  What will I receive to take to the CPL site nearest me?
You will receive a CPL lab slip by email (unless you pick it up at a local Natural Bio Health clinic) which you will take with you to the CPL site nearest you for your blood draw. You will download the lab slip from your email.  If you have difficulties, call (800) 208-9881.

Q.  How long do I have to have my blood drawn?  
A.  You have 6 months from the date the order is placed. However, most labs are open from 7:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday and some are open on Saturday mornings. You need not make an appointment at the lab but need only show up with your lab slip.

Q.  What if I lose my lab slip or forget to take it to CPL?
A.  Call (800) 208-9881 and we will fax CPL a copy of your lab slip.

Q.  How and when will I get my results?
A.  Results will be sent to your e-mail although the can be faxed. They should be emailed to you within 5 to 7 business days from the date of the blood draw.

Q.  Can I go to my personal physician and ask him or her to order blood tests for me?
A.  Yes. Insurance may pay and your physician may order the tests you request. If you do not have insurance or you are concerned that insurance may not pay for the labs or may not pay the full price charged by the labs, then you expose yourself to significant charges. Our savings are real savings. Also, your personal physician may not agree to order the requested tests. Once ordered, your personal physician may call you and say you are “Normal” which may just mean that you are not lower than the lowest number for your age. 

Q. Are these tests covered by my insurance company?
A. The lab tests offered here are for informational purposes only and no specific medical advice, ICD-9 codes, Tax ID’s or CPT codes are or will be provided. Purchase of the lab tests herein are done with the understanding that you are privately paying for these tests and not seeking insurance payment or reimbursement. We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

Q.  What if I come into a Natural Bio  Health clinic and want to order tests. Can I use my insurance?
A.  Natural Bio Health will provide a lab slip that may be covered by insurance to those clients who enroll in our Hormone or Weight Loss Program. Alternatively, we can order extensive testing that insurance may pay for and provide an analysis, including diagnosis, for $175.00. (See above). This amount can be credited towards certain program fees.

Q.  What if I do not have insurance or do not know if my insurance will cover the necessary lab tests?
A.  Natural Bio Health offers all clients substantial savings on all diagnostic testing.