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“I just wanted to say Thank you to NBH Lifetime Health, Dr. Feste and Michael Clark. I injured myself several years ago. I had a herniated three discs and they were fused (L3 L4 L5).
Prior to that I was what some folks call a Gym Rat. I was in the gym almost every day of the week. After surgery I tried to go to the gym, but was unable to perform at the level I needed to. I managed to gain an excess amount of weight and turn from lean to obese. I managed to keep much of my muscle mass but was still gaining Fat!

I finally got fed up and made an appointment with NBH Lifetime Health. They ran several lab tests, did a body composition analysis and discussed my situation. I explained that prior to the injury all I had to do was up my cardio and do a few extra reps per set or just add another set to my workout and all was well. That was not the case any longer. I was unable to do what I did best.
Dr. Feste and Mike got me on the prescription hormone diet and believe me, it works! I lost quite a few pounds during the month on the program and learned to eat smarter. They also addressed all of my hormones.

My energy levels came back and my back pain is more tolerable. I look in the mirror now and Like what I see. The program worked for me and I am totally satisfied with their care and understanding of my situation. Their follow ups after the weight loss have been helpful as well. I lost over 45 pounds of fat. That was a couple weeks ago and now I have lost another 4 pounds eating smart.
I had a very hard time with my veracious appetite, but they supplied me with the tools to fight back and it seems to be working. Bottom line the program works, and I’m Glad I did it!

I know for a fact I added quality years to my life. P.S. All the personnel there are highly motivated and very professional. Thank You for your Help!”
Chet G., Austin, TX., 5.9.2012


“As a project manager my projects live and die by achieving accomplishments and milestones and dealing with roadblocks.  After 20 plus years in my career I decided that I needed to start fresh – I joined a local gym and got a personal trainer to assist me in my endeavors to turn back the damage I have done to myself over the past 20 plus years.  I was seeing a very slow and discouraging result.  I spoke with several of my co-workers whom have gone to Natural Bio Health here in Austin TX.  While I am a constant skeptic when it comes to quick fixes, I did however see the proof in my co-workers personal transformations and decided I need to see what could be done to assist in my new goal.

Here I am a 45-year-old man, with a high BMI of 37+ and 39% plus body fat percentage and my weight was 286 lbs. What was I considering?  I mean just how much change can really be accomplished after 20 plus years of not doing anything to improve my overall health?

After several days of thinking and researching everything I could on the internet I decided two things.  One to become a patient of Natural Bio Health; second was to leverage all the science and research at my disposal to assist me, to fix what mother nature has taken away over time. I would hopefully get a really good start with my personal health and fitness goals.

I have to admit when I was able to start to wear some of my older clothes, that was an amazing feeling and motivator.  I now wearing a 36-inch waist in my pant and have dropped to 226 lbs.  Since I started at the gym and with Natural Bio Health I have dropped 60 lbs in 5 months. It has been over 20 plus years since I have been at this weight.  I still have more to go before I hit by ultimate goal weight of 210 and I am pushing myself harder and further than I ever thought was physically possible.

I have learned through this that I can have my cake and eat it too.  Yes it comes at a cost of additional hard work at the gym, fixing what mother nature has taken away with age and dietary changes to offset those moments when you want that cake and you know you are going to eat it.”
D.P., Austin, TX., 4.27.2012


“I started prescription hormone on January 4, 2011 after going on every diet plan out there and decided to give the prescription hormone program a chance I also wanted to have my hormones tested. I lost 24 lbs on the 40 day program but what really blew me away is I have continued to lose weight due to my hormones being in balance, I have lost a total of 40 lbs and am still losing.

I went from a size 12 to a size 8 getting ready to go into a size 6, I haven’t been that small since about 1997 and the difference now is that I’m sure I can keep it off. On previous diets I could lose the weight but it would come right back, I was a yo-yo dieter for about 20 years now with my hormones in check and some great information regarding hormones and supplements I know it will stay off!!!! Thanks to NBH Lifetime Health!!!! Every women who can’t lose weight needs to go see NBH!!!!”
L.R., Austin, TX., 7.2.2011.


“On Nov. 1 2010 I was 245 pounds, 23% body fat, with a cholesterol level of 218.  Even though I worked out, I was always tired and lacked energy.  I had even lost sex drive.  After 3 weeks of the prescription hormone diet and 20 weeks of testosterone, I am 220 pounds 11% body fat, and have a cholesterol level of 174. I also have put on 11 pounds of muscle.  I have more energy than I’ve had in years, I’ve never been this strong, and my sex drive has returned.  I feel 20 years younger.  I’m still on testosterone, working out, and eating better.  I can’t wait for my next body comp test.”
R.R., San Antonio, TX., 6.21.11.


“Since I have been on the Natural Bio Health male hormone program, I have been feeling wonderful. I had a serious accident and had lost muscle and energy. I intend to refer at least 5 more people that I know and will keep referring people to Natural Bio health as long as I continue to feel this well.”
J. G., Austin, TX


“Since I have started taking the bioidentical hormones I feel great !!! After about a week I felt such a tremendous difference. No more chronic fatigue…yeah! I could not sleep without a sleeping pill prior to hormones, now I sleep like a baby. Thank God for Maureen and the knowledge of this company & doctors for their expertise with bioidentical hormones.”
M.K., Austin, TX


“The dosage of hormone that you have been sending me each month seems to be the right amount. I just turned 59 (yesterday), and am amazingly vigorous and healthy for a man of that age.”
J. W., Houston, TX

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“Dude, I feel like I am 18 yrs old again. Not 19 but 18. I love it!”
G. L. Austin, Texas (recently joined the Natural Bio Health Natural Hormone Program. He is 40 years of age)


“I am enjoying the results of my hormones and supplements and I am sure that it is not just a placebo effect. I am looking forward to continued participation in the program.”
D D., Waco, TX

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“I am really enjoying the benefits of natural hormone therapy! I can now easily run two miles, which I do now every other day. I couldn’t walk around the track that far a few weeks ago. My energy level, focus and drive are increasing with each day. I feel great! I went to the coast with my 10 year old daughter. I used to sit in a chair on the beach and read a book while she played in the ocean. I spent four days playing in the surf with her and we had a blast!

I am so happy with my decision to vist you and check my hormone levels. It has really turned my life around. I appreciate your help and enjoy our phone conversations. Thanks!!!”
D. M., Austin, Texas


“I hope that you had a good holiday. Holidays are always so busy! I was sure I would have time to sit around and write you a testimonial but we had lots of snow and that created lots of opportunities to be outside. But, if I don’t make time I won’t do it so here goes….

For the last 2 years my energy level in general had been dropping. My weight had started to increase somewhat and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t change either factor. Starting in March of 2010 after several very long international business trips the tired feeling became unbearable. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus on work or anything else for that matter. I visited my GP 3 times and had many tests run. The most conclusive result was that I had high cholesterol. So, I changed my diet and started to exercise daily. The result was that I became even more tired and my joints and muscles started to hurt during and after my exercise. Again, I visited my GP and was given some tests. Again, the tests came back with nothing.

Let me say that this tired feeling is not normal for me. I was a very active person. I enjoyed kayaking, fishing, hiking, moving the grass, gardening with my wife and working on my father’s cattle farm. From March to May I didn’t have the energy to do any of these things. My life had changed and my hope for the future was dim given the lack of any positive direction from the medical community.

Unsatisfied with my condition I visited NBH Lifetime Health. I was hesitant to make this appointment and expected to get the same results as with other doctors. The visit went as I expected and tests were ordered. At this point I was very frustrated and expected the same results I had gotten for the previous months. However, much to my surprise on my 2nd appointment the doctor at NBH Lifetime Health gave me some very encouraging news. I was told that my testosterone levels were very low and that my thyroid gland was on the verge of complete exhaustion. During the appointment the doctor from NBH Lifetime Health took the time to explain in detail how all the hormones worked together and how with management of these hormone levels my overall health would improve.

I began the medication as prescribed and within two weeks I noticed an improvement in my ability to sleep and my energy levels as well. Since May my waist measurement has dropped two inches and my energy levels have gone back to normal. Once again I was able to spend the summer enjoying kayak trips to the lake, fishing all day and even working in the garden. My joints and muscles are no longer sore after normal activities. I have even begun to dream during sleep for the first time in more years that I can remember.

My focus is back and once again I look forward to each new day. I have been very happy with my results and with the service provided by NBH Lifetime Health.”
M.C., College Station, TX


“For years I have struggled with my weight. It became worse after having my daughter. I limited my diet to mostly fruit and vegetables with very little protein. My mother had weight problems as well as my sisters. I didn’t want to take diet pills so I turned to exercise. This help reduce my weight by 30 pounds, but I never could get rid of the last 20 pounds.

In my 40’s I experience problems with swelling in my feet and legs. I made sure to work out every morning before going to work to help lesson this problem. I also developed a problem with eating meat. I became very nauseated when I ate meat and eliminated this from my diet. It turned out the problem was from my gallbladder.

I mentioned to my family doctor I was concerned about my legs and feet swelling and felt this could be related to hormones. He suggested I wear compression stockings and take up some form of exercise. Funny, I had competed in several 5K’s, half marathons, and full marathons, and when I mentioned this to him he suggested it was something I was just going to learn to live with.

When I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery, again I was concerned this was related to problems with my hormones. I failed to mention that for several years I had problems with ovarian cysts and my Gynocologist suggested a low estrogen birth control to help reduce my problems with the cysts. They only problem was the cysts were becoming a lot more painful and it was suggested I would eventually need my ovaries removed because of the cysts.

I started to try and educate myself more regarding leg swelling, why the gallbladder problem, and ovarian cysts. All these things can be a result of hormonal embalance. Each time I tried to talk to my family doctor and Gynocologist regarding checking my hormones or a problem with hormonal imbalance I was told it was all part of “getting older.” In the back of my mind I remembered my mother and sister. My mother was a BioChemist and worked as a cancer researcher. She was incredibly smart. My mom was diagnosed with breat cancer in her early 50’s and underwent a radical mastectomy and chemotherapy. Another 10 years later my older sister had to undergo a complete hysterectomy due to cancer. When my Mom was 71 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was placed on a chemo pill Aromosan that is a hormonal therapy for postmenopausal women. She passed away at 72 from lung cancer.

I felt so helpless because I knew I was having hormonal problems of my own and nobody could help me or listen to me. I had been feeling “bad” for a while and did not know what was wrong with me. My doctors felt I was fine. I was reading a magazine one day when my eye caught “Natural Biodentical Hormone Therapy.” Under this was listed some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I called the number listed and made my first appointment on September 23, 2010. Dr Feste of NBH Lifetime Health listened to everything I had to say and read everything I wrote. He addressed each of my concerns and I started my journey to becoming healthier.

I learned how to finally eat in a healthy manner. I am able to eat beef, fish, and chicken without any problems. I have a diet full of vegetables. I know how many carbs I can eat daily as well as protein and maintain my healthy weight. I have lost 22 pounds and feel great. I went to my gynocologist recently for a followup ultra sound to check on my cysts and they are gone. I am so greatful to Dr Feste for what he has done for me. I am even getting along better with my husband. I can handle daily work stress much more easily than I have in a long time. I am hopeful that maybe I can avoid the same fate as my mom in sister regarding cancer. My journey has not been about weight, it is about my health. Thank you Dr. Feste for helping me become a much healthier person.”
H.B. , Austin, Texas, January 31, 2011.