Thank You!

We appreciate your interest in knowing the levels of your testosterone and thank you for taking this important step towards optimal health.

You’ve already completed the first step by ordering the tests you wish to learn about.

After ordering your lab tests, you will receive by email a lab slip for Clinical Pathology Labs (CPL). You will also receive a list of CPL lab locations.
Or you may search for the closest lab to you by going to their website, Here.

If you have not received your lab test within 24 business hours, please check your junk mail box in your email to make sure it didn’t go there. If it isn’t there please call us at 1-800-208-9881. We can also fax lab slips to you or fax them to the CPL location nearest you.   

Once you’ve received your lab slip via email, please complete the following steps to obtain your results. 

  1. Download and print your lab slip. If for some reason you cannot download your lab slip, call Natural Bio Health Clinic at 1-800-208-9881.
  2. Do not exercise the morning of the lab test but take any medications you have been prescribed.Take your CPL lab slip to the CPL lab nearest you.
  3.  Natural Bio Health will receive your lab results within 3-4 days after you have your blood drawn.
  4.  You will receive your lab results and informational report from Natural Bio Health, by email, within 2-3 days after receipt of your lab test at Natural Bio Health.

If you have not received your results and report by email within 5-7 days after your blood draw at CPL, please contact Natural Bio Health at 1-800-208-9881. They can  be picked up in person or faxed. 

We offer FREE in-person consultations at our clinics in Austin, Odessa, San Antonio and College Station clinics. To set up your free in-person consulation, please find the nearest Natural Bio Health clinic to you, and give them a call!

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